The arrival of the metaverse social key - FIRE DAO
2022-06-12 10:29:59 Reading


In 2018,The American Hollywood lirector Spielberg's sci-fi blockbuster"Ready Player One"was released.The film shows the story of humanity projecting digitally into the online world.Its breathtaking is not only the dazzling picture expression art inside,but also reveals a direction to us-the future social media vision of mankind.
META CEO Mark Zuckerberg,who is also the founder of Facebook.As the world's most well-known and influential s ocial media giant,it is natural to envision the future development of human social media.With the concept of a metacosm,this provided the ideological basis for his future social media architecture.
"If you can imagine what the metaverse will look like at some point in the future,it's clear that the ability to sell virtual goods and pass them from one world to another will be a big part of that,"he said.
The current riser, DEFI & FIRE DAO ecology,is a manifestation of the increasing perfection of digital technology.And the human metamorphosis of digital social networking will be reconstructed back.In the future,we will carry out social activities in the form of digital,i n the digital world with our unique and unique digital characteristics.The social thinking of the metaverse will become the"pyramid"cornerstone of this vast digital project.

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