GIIIO: Step into the New Journey of GameFi Metaverse, An Adventure of the Vast Star is about to Begin
2022-02-15 21:26:02 Reading


Since the second half of 2021, GameFi and Metaverse have picked up the torch of the bull market and continued to build momentum, rapidly growing into what people think of as a bellwether of wealth. Among the new concepts constantly emerging, the rise of play-to-earn mode has injected new vitality of growth and huge imaginary space into the whole industry.

GameFi was first proposed by Mary Ma, chief strategy officer at MixMarvel. He first publicly proposed it at the 2019 Wuzhen Blockchain Conference. GameFi incorporates NFT and DeFi in the game. That is to gamify the rules of DeFi and NFT the game props, and realize the combination with financial innovation through the form of playing games.

In GameFi, the user’s assets in the game can be cashed out. Compared with traditional games, chain games let users no longer be the party to be asked for benefits by the platform, but let users become direct beneficiaries, which is the reason why GameFi exploded in the world. At the same time, with the emergence of public chains for the development of major game projects, the BSC chain became the GameFi public chain with the most projects. BSC, with almost six times the throughput of Ethereum, continues to exert its power on chain games. According to Dappradar, BSC has four slots in the top 10 games.

GIIIO Star Explorer, is a blockchain GameFi+NFT game based on BSC public chain. It has two major features, one is that the in-game tokens have a strong deflationary mechanism, and the other is that GIIIO introduced Defi enabling mechanism, which provides players with a longer and more stable opportunity to capture revenue. Through Defi+ mining +NFT+ games, players can construct a complete meta-universe.

Players in the game can acquire land NFT by auction, or they can purchase blind boxes directly for trading, mining, and other activities. The combination of various scenarios throughout the game creates a complete ecological universe. In addition, GIIIO will add more interesting StarCraft scenarios, including “battleships” and “competition” elements, to make players feel more like they are in the game and enhance the experience.

Here, players take on the role of gold diggers (people on the GIIIO), migrating from a doomed planet to Arcturus by the space ship Voyager 1. They fight for a special resource in this barren land, the ore (GOC). GIIIO adopts the economic model of double token, and the main network token GII is not issued in the first stage, and the rules of issuance are determined by GIIIO DAO in the later stage. GIIIO COIN (GOC), an equity token, circulates throughout the game ecosystem and is used to purchase assets such as props in the game, which can be mined through daily work. GIIIO COIN (GOC) was designed as a deflationary digital asset. Within GIIIO’s ecology, there is a multi-dimensional deflationary mechanism, and the deflationary GOC will directly enter the black hole and be destroyed.

Players with minerals can obtain the most important energy supplies in the universe, build relics and accumulate beliefs to upgrade civilization and bring the light of life to the universe. In Arcturus, gold diggers need to conquer scary aliens as well as collect minerals, and they can earn high rewards by taming them into battle. GIIIO GameFi allows players to experience a different kind of happiness, and truly possess their own wealth in the open world!

GIIIO wants to create a complete ecosystem of games in the metaverse, and promote the integration of NFT metaverse games with DeFi systems. On the one hand, it builds and improves the economic system of the meta-universe world to promote the interaction between players and the game; on the other hand, it really helps players experience the game scene of “Play to Earn” in the game and gains huge profits.

In the future planning, on the one hand, GIIIO will continue to iterate and update the product, adding various forms of mining and new elements of the game to improve the game’s playability; on the other hand, GIIIO will also open ecological cooperation and continue to increase the application scenarios. Let’s follow GIIIO’s journey into the new GameFi meta-universe and create our own world of star!

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