GIIIO accelerates the metaverse from concept to landing, making the metaverse more interesting
2022-05-27 18:46:17 Reading


Millions of people are dying to know How the next post-internet era should be defined and where the next giant will be born.The Metaverse, which gives us a vague sense of the right direction for the future, is shaping a powerful social consensus that human beings have become digital beings, real and virtual at the same time, the virtual world of social networks and games is no longer just a tool or appendage of the real world, but another world that can place the human mind.

The giiio team believes that:A true metaverse should not be just a three-dimensional expansion of the Internet, but should pursue standards that are more open and supports access to multiple ecological scenarios.The next big change direction of the metaverse or industry and the Internet has promoted the development of the whole civilization, and people's life, experience and value cognition have undergone earth shaking changes.

GIIIO Combined with the identity ID of the metaverse, social interaction, immersive games, NFT and DEFI combination, economic system, virtual civilization, diversified ecological features.To explore in greater depth Combining Dex + NFT + Socialfi + Gamefi and other cutting-edge ecology, a decentralized meta-universe ecological platform is constructed to enhance the interaction design in virtual scenes True precipitation of flow is formed.Through the Dao incentive management system, let the user self-drive experience and participate in the virtual and real interactive scene, greatly improve the experience and efficiency, extend the creativity and more possibilities.

As an extremely open, complex, and massive system,GIIIO covers the entire network space as well as many hardware devices and physical conditions, will build a super-large, comprehensive digital application ecosystem.

GiiiO Swap provides automatic, liquid, decentralized financial services for all the major tokens in the ecosystem, where you can trade freely with the world.

Giiio NFT is a comprehensive NFT application platform that can be freely launched and traded,, where you can play, create, collect, earn, govern and own anything in the ecosystem.

Giiio Socialfi is a diversified socialfi ecological platform,where you can become a direct beneficiary of the time and effort you put into social interaction and content creation.

GiiiO Gamefi is The next era-defining, decentralized, communitydeveloper-friendly GameFi platform, where you can play for free, make easy money, and make X-to-earn possible and sustainable.

The iterative evolution of science and technology has left a permanent life proposition for the world, and human beings cannot stop exploring after all. Giiio is based on the social reconstruction of the real world, breaking the boundary between virtual and reality, accelerating the implementation of the metaverse from concept to reality, exploring the infinite possibilities of the future world, and making the metaverse more interesting!

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