LV Plus ecology's first GameFi , Pandora World overturns the existing gamefi pattern
2022-06-03 21:20:16 Reading

 In 2021, metaverse and NFT are active and strong in the eyes of investors. It has been verified by the market that game is definitely the best expression of the combination of metaverse and NFT field. It is not difficult to imagine that GameFi, which earns while playing, is bound to be a potential industry that will continue to be noticed and grow in the future. Under the boom of the general trend, the development of this industry is bound to face some challenges and the progress of the project is not smooth all the way, and a higher quality gamefi will be what the whole industry and users need.

LV Plus, a fast, decentralized and developer-friendly metaverse platform, provides an ideal environment for the development of a systems ecosystem. Because of its unique features, vision, available protocols, manageable costs and broad multicultural community, more and more projects and users are turning their attention to LV Plus. GameFi, a hot track, it is naturally the center of attention. The first GameFi on the LV Plus chain, "Pandora's World", has entered the public eye.

As an online blockchain world, a advanced gaming experience, and one of the pioneers in combining blockchain technology with classic strategy games to create a deeply immersive world.

Pandora World has many key revenue elements, including NFT sales, in-game transaction fees, and revenue streams such as advertising, subscriptions, and other services. The game's innovation has attracted talent from around the world, bringing together people from different countries and technical backgrounds to form a team passionate about blockchain gaming, with a shared mission: to be the next leader in the P2E metaverse.

LV Plus possess a rich ecosystem, which includes sectors like public chain, infrastructure layer, EVM, multi-chain wallet, Dex, swap, etc. the core of which is to provide Pandora with all-round support such as technical infrastructure, ecological guidance, application interfaces, traffic carrying tools and trading platforms to help the sustainable development of Pandora Metaverse ecology.

Empowered by the new generation of information technology such as 5G, AR/VR, AI, cloud computing and digital twin, the arrival of the metaverse era will comprehensively transform applications in various fields, and games will become one of the most important entrances to the metaverse. As the first GameFi on the LV Plus ecology, LV Plus Foundation is very optimistic about Pandora and has participated in Pandora's million angel round to empower the development of Pandora's metaverse ecology.

In the future, LV Plus will definitely overturn the existing gamefi pattern, quickly occupy the metaverse market, lay out the upstream and downstream of the metaverse industry chain, and open up a new blue sea of gamefi!

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