Reva And Mojito, Who Can Represent The Typical Case of Digitization of Traditional Auction Houses
2021-07-08 14:51:33 Reading

 Following Sotheby's announcement of 20 million dollars investment in Mojito, another giant of the world's top ten auction houses, GRAND DUKE OF UK INTERNATIONAL AUCTION CO., LIMITED, recently officially announced the marriage of Reva, a start-up enterprise in the field of digital art collection.

Like Mojito, Reva is also a technology start-up company from the United States. So who can become a typical case for traditional auction houses to enter the digital art collection field? Let's analyze it carefully. 


First of all, we notice that Mojito has a long history in the NFT industry. It mainly focuses on the underlying technical services of NFT, which aims to help users better and faster generate their works into digital art collections. The huge investment from Sotheby's fully shows the company's professionalism in this field, but we also notice that in the technical service track of NFT, In addition to Mojito, there are many strong players such as OpenSea, SuperRare, Axie Marketplace, CryptoPunks, Mintable, Foundation, VeVe, Xooa, Dapper Labs, Flowerpatch, etc. almost every company has its own unique advantages and its own market share. Of course, it relies on Sotheby's rich auction market resources, Theoretically, Mojito has more space for development in the digital art industry. It is also a website for publishing newsletters and articles. The author can start crowd-funding for the project by selling NFT.

Compared with Mojito, Reva's growth history is not long. We notice that it is an NFT startup founded in 2019. Its business development direction is also slightly different from that of other NFT technology companies. While other companies focus more on NFT itself, Reva aims at the collection and trading market of NFT. It can be said that Reva is more like a smaller OpenSea, but its business line is also slightly different from OpenSea. We notice that Reva's digital art auction activities are more rare and meaningful high-end NFT works, even Reva once held several offline NFT art gallery exhibitions in New York. This may also be the main reason why he can be favored by GRAND DUKE AUCTION. Reva has provided a stable platform foundation for the transformation of a traditional auction house with a long history into a high-end digital auction platform, while the auction company has invested a lot of money in Reva to help it settle in the NFT market and serve users better. Provides a broader pool of potential bidders, establishes ongoing relationships to encourage participation in future auctions, makes it easy for new users to access by minimizing professionalism, and opens participation to the widest possible audience.

REVA expects to be transformed into NFT in the future. It not only realizes the trading platform of digital art works, but also hopes to provide more perfect services for the auction and collection of other works of art, collections, music (including the whole album of King Leon), books and other texts, video clips, virtual "metaland" and other game contents.

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