The Force Games team project was established, and the first large-scale blockchain game with a new concept was born - Battle Glory
2021-11-22 21:04:21 Reading

 Recently, Obacu, the head of the Force Games team, introduced that the project was officially named Battle Glory. Battle Glory is a large-scale tower defense real-time game inspired by the tribal game that swept the world.
Battle Glory integrates multiple blockchain technologies such as NFT, DeFi, and GameFi, and combines with the concept of Web 3.0 to create an innovative ecological game, providing players with a better gaming experience, enriching the playability of the game and establishing a metaverse kingdom.

Battle Glory shows the value of decentralized finance and NFT in the form of games, and implants the concept of PLAY TO EARN into players' minds. However, compared with traditional games and blockchain digital assets, there are differences. Battle Glory's The incentive mechanism is more inclined to participation. Players can earn rewards through their participation in the game, and the integration can obtain real benefits through frequent sales in the market.
In terms of gameplay, Battle Glory has set up a unique mechanism, allowing players to obtain rewards by building villages, inviting friends, NFT exchange, snatching resources, etc., making the game more interesting and adapting to the needs of more players.
The Force Games team's commitment to players is to satisfy players' needs through entertainment in many ways. To this end, the Force Games team has added to the DAO governance plan, and we hope that Battle Glory will become a gamified Internet culture metaverse, an open metaverse. Through Battle Glory DAO, players can vote and jointly govern to create national management.
Battle Glory is not only a PLAY TO EARN game, but also a brand new Web 3.0 universal democratic blockchain game of the metaverse.

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