The pinnacle of blockchain - "Multiverse Application Aggregation Metaverse Platform" King World is about to be launched
2022-05-28 14:11:57 Reading

 In the past two years, whether it is the "2021 Hot Words" released by Collins Dictionary or the "Top Ten buzzwords in 2021" released by "Bite Words", the concept of Metaverse is undoubtedly the hottest word in the blockchain." , Metaverse one by one. Being selected, it can be said that Metaverse has become a phenomenon-level concept. Of course, even in 2022, it has attracted the attention of all walks of life around the world and ushered in astronomical investment and mergers and acquisitions.

At the same time, as the metaverse became more and more familiar, people began to explore the possibility of creating a metaverse, and the challenges it faced. As a key track supporting the development of Metaverse content and user traffic, blockchain is one of the important presentation methods of the Metaverse. Its unique features such as decentralization and non-tampering provide a creative platform, interactive content and social scenarios.

Among them, King World, a diversified application aggregation metaverse platform launched by the top American team Bounty Foundation (Bounty Association), will be officially launched, which is one of the products of the combination of metaverse and blockchain. As a blockchain platform that has been favored by many investment institutions before it goes online, King World is not only a DAO-based diversified application aggregation metaverse platform, but also integrates DeFi + NFT + GameFi + SocialFi + Web3 in the metaverse Decentralized applications such as .0 + P2E + Resonance + Public chain + Swap + DAO greatly increase the interaction and playability of King World.

From the beginning of King World's development, the R&D team has tried to create a virtual world dedicated to "King World" through blockchain and the Metaverse. As a DAO ecosystem under the synergy of multiple applications such as practical DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and Metaverse, King World is introducing more innovations to the industry, including DeFi liquidity mining, LP pledge lending, NFT creation and asset circulation, Major sectors such as GameFi, SocialFi, Web3.0, Resonance, Public chain, Swap, and Metaverse immersive interactive applications.

Different from other blockchain platforms, under the guidance of the DAO model, King World hopes that everyone is an independent individual, and everyone can freely allocate their own assets without being peeped, supervised, or sealed up by a centralized organization. In order to achieve this goal, King World takes the blockchain as the basis and the metaverse as the manifestation, and builds an independent ecology on the basis of decentralization, privacy, fairness, justice and openness to ensure financial security and the participation of each investor. At the same time of fairness, it strips away the harm of centralization and builds a truly decentralized ecosystem and closed-loop value.

In addition, King World will also establish a connection between virtual and reality, allowing digital assets and metaverse to promote social progress, thereby creating personal value, and finally creating an open-circulation DAO-incentivized value closed-loop economy, and let value in this Create, flow, transfer, and transform both inside and outside the economy.

In the token economy system, King World independently issued a total of 200 billion KTW tokens, which deflated 100 times to 2 billion. Through the construction of ecological model and economic model, King World perfectly combines DeFi+NFT+metaverse from blockchain, integrates it into a diversified application aggregation metaverse platform, and uses DeFi financial mechanism and DAO system to empower users, creating a A truly unique and enduring open financial ecosystem.


From the latest white paper released by King World, King World will continue to develop the Metaverse application ecology and KTW token value model, and provide a series of technical and functional features to support the real world and the virtual world of the Metaverse. Value mapping, work with global users to jointly open a decentralized linkage ecosystem and create a market value of 100 billion. Of course, King World has not been launched yet. Whether it can meet the expectations of fans and players in the later stage will still take a certain amount of time to verify.

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